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Honey Whale Extend Warranty

HONEY WHALE makes available to Users these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) that protect the parameters under which they can access the various services under the trade name “HONEY WHALE” granted for the coverage of certain merchandise in order to extend the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is invited that prior to its use, they are read and understand the scope of this document, since their access and continued use constitute their express acceptance to be subject to the Terms and Conditions in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, it will be understood indistinctly in singular or plural, by:

HW Extended Warranty: It is a guarantee issued by HONEY WHALE, which extends and extends the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty adding benefits to the Consumer.

Article: All those products that the User acquires through, solely and exclusively the website https://honeywhale.com.au

Enterprise: Honey Whale stores and/or sales websites shall be understood as such.

Replacement: It consists of the exchange of the article with factory defect, after validation of the Authorized Service Center, for another equal or similar characteristics and same value.

Physical Change: Change of Article when not having the necessary spare parts for repair or more than 20 days in service, as long as Extended Warranty HW has been contracted.

Repair: The effect of restoring an Article to its normal condition of use.

Authorized Service Center: Establishment in which the diagnosis will be made and, where appropriate, the Repair of the Articles that present a Fault.

Maker: Person engaged in a manufacturing activity of production of articles for the use of final consumers.

Fault: Inability of the item to function normally in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Manufacturer or Supplier Warranty: Obligation that, generally in writing, has the supplier or manufacturer of an article to ensure for a certain time the good condition, the conditions of use and operation of the same, so that it serves the purpose for which it is intended.

Preventive Maintenance: It consists of the cleaning, adjustment, calibration, balancing, lubrication and / or functional review of an Article, only 1 (one) event per year within the validity.

PROFECO: Federal Consumer Protection Agency.

Order number: You receive the purchase identification number in your email when you start the purchase of your item which you can find in it or in your user panel.

User: Natural or legal person who acquires an Article or service.

Susceptible: Is the item or product to which an HW extended warranty can be sold


The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to provide HW Extended Warranty Users with the general overview of access, operation and coverage that it offers in terms of the contract for the provision of services concluded at the purchase of their Item through the purchase channels that will refer; This with the main purpose of extending the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer.


The User interested in acquiring this service, will access through the payment of a consideration prior to entering into a contract for the provision of services. For this purpose, the User may access the same recital

The conditions under which the product can be received for this warranty are as follows:

  • With its original packaging
  • With all its original components and accessories
  • Product in good condition (not broken, not wet, not crashed, not harmful fauna)
  • Functional product (normal use, not damaged)

NO cancellation or physical exchange does not apply to products accidentally damaged by the customer (bumps, stains, humidity).

This warranty does not apply to the following products:

  • Accessories
  • Parts
  • Hoverboard
  • Electrical parts


The User may contact the Company through its website, to contract the service.


To access the purchase of this service:

  • – Regular Sale: The user has the option to make the purchase only and exclusively at the time of buying his new scooter on the website, once the purchase is completed it can not be purchased independently or by other means.


8 consecutive months for: Scooters and electric bicycles. (Exclusively)


Among the many benefits that we can find with the HW Extended Warranty service, we can highlight some such as:

  • Cubertura from the purchase
  • Free repair (facia, display, controller, braking system) (up to two events per warranty duration)
  • Tire replacement or shipment (one time)
  • Structural repair (subject to revision)
  • Certified workforce
  • Preventive maintenance (1 event every 3 months)
  • Physical exchange for:
    • When the manufacturing defect cannot be repaired
    • Lack of parts, parts or materials (within the first 60 days after your purchase)
  • In the event that the Replacement or Physical Change of the Article becomes appropriate, it will be made for another article of the same characteristics and price.


In accordance with the provisions of the contract for the provision of services concluded with the Company upon the purchase of your item, the following services will be considered:

Replacement: It consists of the change of the item by factory default, after validation of the Honey Whale Authorized Service Center, for another equal or similar characteristics and same value, only when the failure occurs within the first 90 (ninety) days from the date of purchase.

Physical Change: After the first 90 (ninety) days, extend warranty may at its discretion make the physical change of the article, for another equal or similar characteristics and same value, in case of failure, under the following assumptions:

  • When it is determined by specialized technicians that the manufacturing defect is irreparable.
  • When there is no spare part or materials for repair.

In those cases in which the Replacement or Physical Change is appropriate and applied, this warranty will be without effect, terminating the relationship between the User and Extended Warranty HW, thus not reserving the User any right to exercise against Extended Warranty HW or any of the subsidiaries and affiliates thereof.

Reparation: It consists of the unlimited repair(s) of the damaged item through the Authorized Service Centers during the contract period.

Preventive Maintenance: Only once every 3 months at the customer’s request.


The after-sales service consists of making effective the application of Extended Warranty HW. For this, it is necessary that the User is aware of the following process:

  • The User must request through help@honeywhale.com.au mail or by sending a WhatsApp number to the +6402102140999 number, with the corresponding order number to generate the diagnosis of your product to validate the Replacement or Repair application thereof. To make the request valid, you must present your order number that was generated when purchasing the HW Extended Warranty service.
  • Once you get in touch you will be given a guide so that the shipment of your scooter to the specialized center or you can deliver it personally.
  • The HW Authorized Service Center will generate the corresponding diagnosis, and where appropriate will carry out the corresponding repairs to later return it to the User’s home.
  • Upon delivery of the Item, the User will be informed if the Repair, Replacement or Physical Change of his product proceeded.


The exclusion of the services will be determined according to the contract for the provision of services concluded, however, they are indicated in an informative way below according to the application of the merchandise that is protected:

Scooter and Electric Bicycles

  • For mistreatment of the article, or give it a use different from its nature and that indicated in the instructions or operation manual.
  • Accidents, bumps or falls.
  • Due to negligence or abuse of the User.
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and use.
  • Stains from food, beverages, dyes, corrosive acids and unapproved cleaning products.
  • All human and animal fluids (Enunciatively: Saliva, urine, stomach fluid, human or animal blood, body perspiration).
  • Damage caused by animals and/or harmful fauna (insects, rodents, etc.).
  • Commercial use
  • Dirt and wear caused by daily use.
  • Natural characteristics and/or phenomena (floods, earthquakes, etc.), accidents such as fires, etc., that cause variations in appearance (discoloration caused by the sun, or if the item is outdoors).
  • By humidity and the consequences arising from it.
  • Damage caused by cleaning or repairs, carried out by unauthorized companies.
  • When the item has been opened, disassembled, repaired or altered, by unauthorized personnel. For presenting any foreign object inside the article
  • Loss of use of the item in transit due to change of residence, in storage or commercial use.
  • Tears, scrapes, burns, punctures and breaks.
  • Cosmetic (external) damage caused by exposure to the environment and/or oxidation not caused by manufacturing defects.
  • Does not protect aesthetic parts and / or accessories such as: knobs, burners, stove grills, microwave turntable, internal refrigerator accessories and bands for electronic items (antennas, cables, eliminators)
  • Everything that is not expressly detailed in writing in the manufacturer’s warranty coverages according to the article, is excluded respectively.
  • In the case of items sold in packages, the item of lower value is excluded as it is not in condition of this contract.
  • In case of any of these assumptions, the authorized personnel of Extended Warranty HW will provide a report specifying the magnitude and scope of said intervention, which is why the warranty will be canceled and the User must carry out the repair on his own.


The term of the provision of services may not exceed a period longer than that referred to in paragraph 5.

Likewise, in accordance with the contract for the provision of services, it is considered that it may be terminated early, without any liability for HONEY WHALE, or for any subsidiary, subsidiary or controlling company, in any of the following cases:

  • When the User omits relevant information or intentionally delivers false information.
  • When the serial number does not match that of the device registered in the contract or order number.
  • In case of breach of any of the clauses established in the corresponding service contract, Extended Warranty HW, may terminate it without any liability, giving written notice to the User, of the reasons why it will not be possible to provide the service.

Similarly, Extended Warranty HW will terminate your coverage in those cases in which the Physical Change or Replacement of the Item is made.


This document constitutes a generalized informative of the conditions under which the provision of the HW Extended Warranty service governs, so the User understands and understands that the specifications of the service to which he will be subject will be duly stipulated in the service provision contract that may be celebrated through the Company with which he acquires HW Extended Warranty.


In terms of the Consumer Protection Law, Tribunal is competent to hear administrative proceedings and to resolve any dispute that may arise over the interpretation or compliance with this document. The User has the right to appeal to Tribunal or to the corresponding jurisdictional authority in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In the same way, the User acknowledges submitting to the competence and jurisdiction of the competent Courts of New Zealand, expressly waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to him due to his domicile.