Bicicletas eléctricas México

Electric bikes in Mexico are becoming more popular than ever. They are an ecological, sustainable option that brings great benefits to the economy and health of the people who use it.

Learn about some of its benefits:

1. Prevents diseases

Riding a bicycle reduces the risk of heart attack by more than 50%, benefits muscles and bones, prevents diabetes and improves mental health.


2. Helps you lose weight

Like all exercise, it helps burn extra calories. Depending on the intensity and amount of time you practice it, it will help you lower fat levels and prevent obesity.


3. Lowers blood pressure

Cycling on a regular basis strengthens and irrigates the heart muscle better. This increase in performance prevents cardiovascular diseases.


4. Helps you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, the bicycle can be a great ally. It allows you to burn up to 300 calories in half an hour of pedaling at a leisurely pace while you get in shape. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, cycling as little as 5 minutes a day in Boston can help women reduce weight gain as they enter middle age.


5. Strengthen muscles

Even though riding a bike seems like just working your legs, it can also involve your upper body and core muscles.


6. You save on fuel

The bike is a great ally of the domestic economy, using it represents savings in fuel, public transport and your own vehicle. In addition, the maintenance of this means of transport is much less expensive.


7. Decreases anxiety

The regular practice of physical exercise contributes to improving our mood and increasing the feeling of well-being. It is an excellent means to combat anxiety and depression through physical exercise.


8. You avoid traffic in the city

At present, vehicular traffic has become the main mobility problem in several countries of the world, associated with population growth and the chaotic increase in the number of cars. In the search for alternatives we find the bicycle, which due to its efficiency and low cost is a great means of transport.


9. You take care of the environment

The bicycle is an ecological means of transport because it does not require fuel, since it uses the energy generated by the movement of the feet on the pedal. In addition, it does not cause noise and helps reduce the levels of carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrocarbons and other particles that favor air pollution.