he electric scooter is much more than a simple skate, it has come to change mobility, it has become a practical and sustainable means of mobility in cities throughout Mexico, helping to reduce pollution in short trips.


And why does the electric scooter have more and more followers? Well, because it is a means of transport with many advantages:

  • Easy to drive
  • Folding
  • No need to park them, you can take them with you
  • They do not pollute
  • They are autonomous
  • Cheap to load them


If you want some tips on the characteristics of electric scooters, Here are some important points to highlight to choose your electric scooter and what to look for before making the purchase:



Power (Engine)

Battery (autonomy)

Driving Safety

Brake Type

Maximum Speed

STRUCTURE: Platform width and wheel dimensions

Electric Skid Weight, Folding Options and Support Weight

Technical service