Candados para Patinete Eléctrico


The theft of electric bicycles and scooters in Mexico has increased in recent years due to the growing popularity of these means of transportation. Thieves often look for unlocked or poorly secured vehicles, and can disable locking systems easily. In addition, owners often fail to register their vehicle or write down its serial number, making it difficult to recover stolen vehicles. However, there are measures owners can take to protect their vehicles, such as using high-security locks, parking in safe places, and using GPS tracking systems. It is important for owners of electric bikes and scooters in Mexico to take steps to protect their vehicles and work with authorities to recover stolen vehicles.

  1. Use high security locks: Disc locks or U locks are difficult to cut and break.
  2. Secure the vehicle in a safe place: Parking in crowded places or in private garages helps prevent theft.
  3. Use tracking systems: GPS trackers allow you to locate your vehicle in case of theft.
  4. Take pictures and write down serial numbers: This can help recover your vehicle and identify thieves.

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