Warranty, Returns, Exchanges & More


Honey whale reserves the right to determine whether a product is faulty and conduct a production and quality check. If deemed faulty, a replacement item will be shipped where possible subject to stock availability or a refund or credit note.

Honey Whale will not be held responsible if there is a delay in delivery. In the event that your product is lost in transit, Honey Whale will not be held liable. Customers will be responsible for the return shipping and handling charge.

You need to send the original or a copy of receipt with your order.

Please retain your tracking information for the parcel and allow 7 business days to process the refund on receiving the goods.

Please note that once the refund is processed by Honey Whale, the time taken for the amount to show in your bank account is dependant on your financial institution

Any goods that are not in the original packaging, have attached tags, undamaged, and unused will not be refunded, and returned back to you.

These conditions do not affect your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act

1 Year Warranty Provided on electric scooters or electric bikes (Battery Exclude). This warranty only applies to the original owner of the Honey whale, or failing that, to the owner with the corresponding purchase receipt. The person who keeps the warranty policy, the receipt and the product will be the one who can make the guarantee effective. Present the invoice or receipt, which includes the specific data of the original purchase object. We will request a brief description of the failure, conditions of the product and / or packaging and we will turn the report to our warranty area, which will contact you to collect the necessary additional information (Image and / or Video).

Remember that messages are answered as they arrive, all our customers have personalized attention.

A chat with ticket number will be assigned, in which you will be given questions and steps to follow.



If you meet all the required conditions, you will have 2 options:

If it is very simple, you can send the piece and change it for the customer, with tutorial videos provided and authorized by the company Honey Whale


You will receive from us a prepaid guide via email for the return of your merchandise.

Once the guide is provided you have 4 business days to send the product otherwise you must pay a new guide with cost at the customer’s expense.

The price of the guide will depend on the current cost of the parcel and must be paid in a single exhibition.

The guides must be used in a period not exceeding 5 days, otherwise I can charge a penalty to the client for unused guide.

You must communicate previously to schedule an appointment and present yourself IN TIME AND FORM TO THE SAME SINCE OTHERWISE, PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO THE NEXT APPOINTMENT AND IT WILL BE LOST, RESCHEDULING.

The guarantee area will assign you, if the claim is appropriate, a ticket number for tracking purposes.

In case of going to the indicated address, the owner must present the documents previously described. Subsequently, our staff will assist you by granting you a form called “Service Order”, a document that will specify the terms of failure that the client is enumerating. The vehicle will undergo a technical inspection to diagnose whether the faults suggested by the owner are faults related to the warranty or to normal wear and tear of the vehicle.

Once the aforementioned document has been delivered, we will contact you within three working days to provide you with information on the status of the warranty application.

Clauses Related to Warranty Limitations.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from failure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual, accidents (falls and/or shocks), misuse, neglect, abuse, commercial misuse, modification or improper assembly.

Electrical components are not subject to warranty if they were exposed to moisture.

The product was used under conditions other than normal.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on your consumable products, for example:

Tires, inner tubes, brake pads, chains, hand accelerator, brake lever, among others.

This warranty does not cover parts damaged by an attempted repair unless performed by an authorized Honey Whale repair center.

This warranty does not cover any unauthorized modifications made and/or to its components.

This warranty covers only products marketed within the NZ by Honey Whale or its authorized distributors.


  • If you change your mind after making a purchase, or realise you have purchased the incorrect item, you can enjoy the peace of mind that we offer a 7 day exchange policy . If there is not a suitable product that can be exchanged for your returned item you will be offered a credit on your account or gift card based on the value paid at the time of purchase. Please note, shipping fee is non-refundable, items purchased on finance cannot be exchanged for a gift card. To exchange a product, goods must be sealed / unopened/unused, with packaging in original condition, and we will need to be notified within 7 days of purchase / delivery. Special order/on sales  items are excluded and cannot be returned / exchanged if you change your mind/purchase the wrong product by mistake. ONCE PAYMENT MADE, NO MATTER ITEM SHIP OR NOT, 5% PAYMENT FEE WILL BE CHARGED AND NO REFUND. Testing fees and return freight: If you return a product to us that is faulty or not faulty, you are liable for a testing fee and freight charges to return the product to you.

    Restocking fees: Return, Refund, Cancel or Exchange products will be charged a handling fee equal to at least 25% of the purchased price. Delivery, service and assembly fees are not refunded at all.(Free shipping item apply $150 shipping fee) Shipping fee would not be refund.

    Incorrectly supplied products
    If you have been accidentally supplied the wrong product, Honey Whale will supply the correct product (where it is available) or issue a credit / refund. In these circumstances, if the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to the purchase, we will meet our obligations under that Act. Otherwise, if the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply:

    • to supply the correct product the incorrect product will first need to be returned to us;
    • we will need to be notified within 7 days of purchase / delivery;
    • the incorrect product supplied must be in resalable / unused condition.


    Products damaged in transit
    If your product has been damaged during transit to your delivery address we will replace your product (if it is available) or issue a credit / refund. In these circumstances, if the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to the purchase, we will meet our obligations under that Act. Otherwise, if the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply, unless we agree otherwise, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery in order to be eligible for a replacement, credit or refund.

    Products that are faulty upon arrival / first use or otherwise /PARCEL DELAY
    If the product you received is faulty upon arrival or where the Consumer Guarantees Act applies, the products do not comply with the guarantees under that Act, we will either repair or replace your product, or issue a credit / refund. Without limiting any rights you have under the Consumer Guarantees Act, in order to repair, replace or issue a credit / refund for your faulty product, it will need to be returned to us so we can test and confirm that it is faulty. If the Consumer Guarantees Act applies, we will meet our obligations under that Act, Otherwise, if the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply, all returns of this nature must be made within 14 days of purchase / delivery. HONEY WHALE no responsible for Parcel delay due to logistics reason caused any issues. Customer should awaiting logistics sort out.

    Express warranty – Products that are faulty within the warranty period
    Without limiting any rights you have under the Consumer Guarantees Act, if your product is faulty or has stopped working as intended and is still within the warranty period specified when you purchased your product, Honey Whale will repair or replace your product or issue a credit / refund where a suitable replacement is not available. In order to repair, replace or issue a credit / refund for your faulty product, it will need to be returned to us so we can test and confirm that it is faulty. You may also be able to contact the manufacturer directly to arrange a repair / replacement. Returns of this nature can be made any time within the warranty period and it is your responsibility to cover any costs of returning the product to us (NB there is no specific warranty period under the Consumer Guarantees Act).

    Testing fees and return freight: If you return a product to us that is not faulty, you may be liable for a testing fee and freight charges to return the product to you.

    Restocking fees: In some special circumstances including when products are sold to wholesale customers, we may agree (at our discretion) to accept a return of a product that is not faulty. In these situations there will be a handling fee equal to at least 20% of the purchased price. Delivery, service and assembly fees are not refunded at all.

    Bonus products and gift with purchase
    Any bonus or free products offered as part of a promotion (including gifts with purchase) must be returned with the primary product as part of any warranty claim on the primary product that the bonus items were offered with if the claim will result in the primary product being refunded or a credit note offered. In addition, where bonus or free products offered as part of a promotion including gifts with purchase are subject to a warranty claim and cannot be repaired or replaced, the customer must return all bonus products along with the primary product the bonus products were offered with before a refund or credit note of the primary product will be issued. Where the bonus product is a gift card, the unused gift card must be returned with the primary product before a full refund will be offered. Where the gift card has been used, in whole or in part, Honey Whale will deduct the amount that has been used from the refund of the purchase price. For the sake of clarity, Honey Whale notes that it does not require the return of the gift card for a repair or replacement of the primary product.

    Without limiting any rights you have under the Consumer Guarantees Act:

    • faulty goods will be subject to the normal return procedures for the specific brand being returned.
    • freight charges will not be credited.


    If you purchased online, we will arrange for collection of your incorrectly supplied/damaged goods. This will be at our cost where such charges are our responsibility under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Otherwise, you will be liable for all delivery and insurance charges incurred in respect of returned goods.




Sounds and vibrations on scooters:

The normal operation of scooters, under different forms of driving (loaded, unloaded, different speeds, climates, etc.), can generate different sounds and vibrations. Each scooter generates different sounds and vibrations, characteristic of each model, which, therefore, do not constitute an indication of any problem in the vehicle. These sounds and vibrations can even vary between scooters of the same model and are given by differences in tolerances and manufacturing settings and by the movements and frictions of the components.

On the contrary, sometimes there are noises and vibrations that are generated when there are problems in the components; These noises and vibrations occur in parallel with the poor performance of the parts in poor condition.

Therefore, the sounds and vibrations characteristic in the different models and that in the opinion of Honey Whale are considered normal, will not be intervened, since they are not a consequence of the malfunction of the scooter. In case of doubts about whether your scooter presents a sound and / or vibration, or a noise that does not seem normal, you should contact our trained staff will issue your technical concept in this regard.


The terms in which the guarantee is granted must not be modified at any time, since this original or extended guarantee will be authorized only by Honey whale.

Limited warranty and maintenance does not cover any damage or malfunction of the vehicle caused directly or indirectly, by or as a result of deterioration, mistreatment, abuse, neglect, accident, maintenance, operation, improper storage or transportation, alteration or modification of hardware or software including, but not limited to, the following situations:

1) Failure to take the vehicle or perform repairs or service tasks at an authorized Honey whale Service Center

2) Accidents, collisions or blows produced to the vehicle with any object

3) Any repair, alteration or modification of the vehicle that has been improperly performed or the installation or use of fluids, parts or accessories by a person or service not authorized by Honey Whale.

This maintenance service and limited warranty do not cover any modifications or changes to software or hardware that have modified the original vehicle structure, materials, or normal usage habits.

4) Any damage to your vehicle’s hardware or software, loss of or damage to personal information or data uploaded to the vehicle resulting from unauthorized access to vehicle data or software from any source, including non-genuine spare parts or accessories, third-party applications, malware, viruses, bugs or any other form of cyber interference or attack.

5) Theft, vandalism or rioting.

6) Fires, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, lightning, hail, floods or floods.

7) Driving on uneven, uneven, damaged or dangerous surfaces including, but not limited to, curbs, potholes, road works, debris or other obstacles or in competitions, races or auto cross or for any other purpose for which the vehicle is not designed.

8) Overloading the vehicle.

9) The environment or a fortuitous event including, but not limited to, exposure to sunlight, airborne chemicals, tree sap, animal or insect droppings, road debris (including pebbles), industrial waste, dust from railway bearings, salt, hail, floods, wind and (electrical) storms, acid rain, fire, water, pollution, lightning and other environmental conditions.

The warranty process may cover the partial or total replacement of the equipment, as long as it meets the required conditions and is within the coverage period.

If the product is not covered by the limited warranty, the Honey whale Authorized Service Center shall be entitled to charge the labor and material costs in accordance with the service level and material prices stipulated by Honey whale.

In the case of the above conditions that are not covered by the limited warranty, the Honey whale Authorized Service Center will inspect and confirm the impossibility of repairing or performing maintenance or ensuring stability after repair and the Service Center will provide a detailed explanation in advance about the impossibility of restoring the appliance to normal condition before carrying out the repair/maintenance.

In the event that the product does not comply with the conditions described or is outside the terms applicable to warranty, the customer may request receipt of the same for “review” covering a possible additional charge for the effects of transfer, review and replacement of damaged parts if required.

The user must ensure that the information provided is accurate. If the product fails due to deliberate deception by the end user, all responsibility shall lie with the end user.

Honey whale reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time.

Once the client receives and signs this document, it will be understood that he understands and considers known all the conditions indicated below. Given the above, we thank you to read:





Upon receipt of the product, it will be reviewed to determine the magnitude and confirm the nature of the failure indicated by the customer in the first instance. This evaluation period will have a maximum period of 3 working days.

Subsequently, the client will be informed of a quote by telephone or email. If the client does not accept the budget, he will be charged the cost of receiving and evaluating the product, this being a fixed cost of $ 500 NZD.

If the client accepts the budget, and after the corresponding payment; The technical service department will proceed to fix the product. The delivery time of the repaired product will be variable based on the results of the evaluation, with a maximum period of 3 to 5 business days.

For all purposes, the budget sent or delivered to the customer is valid for 5 days and the spare parts included in the quote have an associated cost.





The repair will not imply any cost to the customer, if the warranty is in force at the time of receipt of the product. The above will be respected as long as the malfunction found is covered by the terms of the warranty.

The legal guarantee with a maximum period of 3 months from the purchase will be fully respected for all cases where it is accredited, through our technical service, that the product has manufacturing faults.

If the warranty is in force at the time of contact with the customer, after receiving and evaluating the product, the repair will be carried out with delivery times equal to those mentioned in section 1.

In the event that the nature of the damage is the responsibility of the customer (mishandling, bumps, dents, among others), the company will not respond in any way for demands for repair, refund of money and / or change of product. This point is not affected by the duration of the warranty.


. Once the repair or rejection of the budget has been made by the client, he will have a period OF PRIOR APPOINTMENT PRESENTING HIMSELF IN TIME AND FORM from the notice on the part of the company to receive the product.

It will not be responsible for possible damages to the product after the aforementioned period has elapsed. From the eleventh business day the company will have the power to charge the customer a daily fee of 20 pesos of Development for storage concepts, an amount that must be paid in full at the time of receipt of the product.

From 60 calendar days from the expiration of 2 business days for the withdrawal of the product, the company will be empowered to increase the storage fee 60 pesos of Development per day

It is not responsible in any way for the abandoned product after 6 months, which will pass in favor of the company automatically.


Honey Whale is not responsible for breakdowns, losses, damages, thefts or thefts that may occur in the course of transport, between the offices of the company to the customer’s home. This point applies to all shipments made through external transport services.

In the event that the product is with equipment and / or accessories added externally by the customer, it will be your sole responsibility to remove those elements at the time of delivering the product for evaluation.

If the above cannot be met, Honey Whale is not responsible under any circumstances for those objects outside the product.


At the time of receiving the product, the customer must sign a receipt stating satisfaction with the repair and proper functioning of the product



  1. l) Honey whale will not be liable to the customer, either directly or indirectly, for any breach, delay in the application of its warranty obligations, which may be caused by force majeure or any other unforeseen incident beyond the control of Honey whale

The liability of Honey whale derived from this Warranty Certificate will be limited to the obligations expressed above, quantitatively, to the amount of the invoice paid by the customer for the purchase of the equipment subject to claim, being expressly excluded any liability for indirect damages such as loss of income or operating profits.